Donald Trump Booed At His Own Rally For Finally Telling The Truth About Something

Some in the former president's adoring crowd turned on him over one statement.

The most honest moment of Donald Trump’s Saturday night rally came when he gently urged his followers into getting vaccinated as a means of protection against the coronavirus.

Some in the crowed booed him for it.

It started out well enough. The crowd in Cullman, Alabama ― which declared a Covid-19 emergency days before the rally ― cheered when the former president suggested it was OK to pass on the shot.

“I believe totally in your freedoms,” he said. “You gotta do what you have to do.”

The tone shifted with his next line.

“But, I recommend take the vaccines,” he said. “I did it, it’s good!”

And that’s when the crowd briefly turned on him:

Trump was vaccinated in secret in January, when he was still in the White House, but said nothing about it publicly at the time.

His comments about the shot on Saturday marked the second time in the evening that the crowd turned on a speaker.

Earlier, they booed Republican Mo Brooks when he told them to stop being “despondent” over Trump’s loss and put the 2020 election results “behind you.”

“Look forward, look forward, look forward,” he advised.

They replied with jeers:

Twitter users were more than a little amused by the jeers ― especially the ones against Trump:


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