Celebrities Weigh In As Trump Is Impeached Again: 'What An Exhausting, Sickening Waste Of Four Years'

"Things are looking up," said Alec Baldwin, who portrayed Donald Trump on SNL throughout his presidency.

A number of Donald Trump’s celebrity critics have been sharing their thoughts following the news that he has been impeached for the second time.

On Wednesday night, it was reported that the outgoing US president had been impeached once again, making him the first American leader to be impeached twice.

He faces a single charge of “incitement of insurrection” – after a violent mob of his supporters overpowered police, broke through security lines and rampaged through the US Capitol building last week in protest of the formalisation of Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Five people, including a police officer, died as a result of the siege.

Following the news that he had been impeached, a wave of celebrities voiced their joy and relief at the latest development.

Actor Alec Baldwin, who portrayed Trump throughout his presidency on Saturday Night Live, commented that “things are looking up”, while Cardi B shared a clip of herself from 2019, in which she predicted that the US leader would be impeached:

Others, including George Takei and Frozen’s Josh Gad, thanked members of the Republican Party for voting in favour of the impeachment:

Check out more celebrity reactions to the news below:

Trump will now face a trial in the Senate – the upper house of the US Congress – with senators acting as jurors to acquit or convict him.

If convicted, he would be removed from office and succeeded by the vice president, though only for a few days before Biden’s inauguration.

The outgoing president released a video statement after the impeachment vote, but made no explicit mention of impeachment in it.

“Mob violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movement stands for,” Trump said, dismissing the role he played in inciting his supporters to storm the US Capitol last week. “No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence.”


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