John Oliver Destroys Donald Trump Over His Coronavirus Response

The US talk show host is sick of the president spouting wrong information about the coronavirus outbreak.

There is no cure for president Donald Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak, John Oliver complained on HBO’s Last Week Tonight on Sunday.

The host slammed the president over his misinformed response to the virus, officially known as Covid-19. He showed a clip of Trump saying that a vaccine would be ready in a few months, only to be contradicted by a medical expert at the same table saying it could take a year to a year and a half.

“Now it seems that every Trump press conference has to come with an epilogue from an expert clarifying all the things he just got wrong,” Oliver said.

The comedian did his thespian best to play one of those experts.

“If I may jump in here,” Oliver said as the “expert,” “the president just said that a cure would come very quickly. It’s more likely it will take at least a year. He also said that it’s the ‘meanest virus he’s ever seen.’ That’s ridiculous. It’s a virus. It has no intent. You also saw the president assure us that you couldn’t get the virus from ‘sucking on Ds.’ I then mistakenly asked, ‘Ds what?’ to which he replied, ‘Deez nuts,’ and demanded a high-five. And while I cannot believe I have to say this, depending on the nuts we cannot say for absolute certain that you would not get the coronavirus from sucking on ‘doze’ — on ‘doze nuts.’”

Oliver sniped at the “chaos” the president has caused during the outbreak and his “callous indifference to human life.”


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