All The Best Jokes About Donald Trump's Made-Up 'Nambia'

'Nambia makes the best damn cup of Covfefe this side of Bowling Green.'

Donald Trump managed to offend an entire continent during a speech at a UN lunch with African leaders when he praised health care advancements in the non-existant country of Nambia.

The mystical place quickly began trending on Twitter as users set about bringing their wittiest jokes to the table.

Here are some of the best:

Some of the other Trump classics made an appearance again.

Scam jokes were also a popular theme.

Though for some users it was more of a face-palm moment.

It is unclear if Trump was referring to Gambia in West Africa, Zambia in southern Africa, or perhaps Namibia in southwest Africa. White House transcripts suggest the latter.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this wasn’t the only astounding speech he gave to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, telling representatives that the US would “destroy” North Korea and that one of Iraq’s chief exports is violence.