'Don't Tell The Bride' Groom Plans Secret Tinder-Inspired Wedding Day

After all, it's where they met.

’Don’t Tell The Bride’ finds a new home on Sky 1 on Thursday evening, but all the potential for disaster and doomed romance remains intact.

The first couple of the series, Adam and pregnant Bianca, met on Tinder. This has inspired Adam to let destiny decide the elements of their big day, with Bianca being invited to swipe left or right on each decision, without knowing what choices she’s making.

Other challenges afoot include their differing approaches to what constitutes the perfect wedding. While Bianca wants something traditional and classy, Adam is eyeing up spaces to create a Thai beach holiday, and that’s after he intends to make an honest woman of Bianca on a plane, naturally.

‘Dont Tell the Bride’ starts Thursday 21 July at 9pm on Sky 1 and NOW TV

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