Scottish Tory Leader Interrupted By Expletive-Laden Heckle Live On TV

The Channel 4 News presenter quickly apologised for the "bad language".
Douglas Ross speaking to Channel 4 News last night
Douglas Ross speaking to Channel 4 News last night
Chnanel 4 News

The leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland appeared to be heckled right in the middle of a interview last night.

The MP for Moray, Douglas Ross, was speaking to Channel 4 News next to a busy main road in Edinburgh and discussing the Scottish government’s management of the Covid pandemic, when he was rather rudely interrupted about something a little more... trivial.

Around 12 minutes into his interview, a very loud car horn sounded, and someone seemed to shout something which sounded a lot like “you fucking wanker”.

The moment has since made the rounds on social media.

But, Ross was undeterred by this disturbance, and just carried on speaking without even acknowledging what happened.

Presenter Cathy Newman quickly jumped in to recognise what just happened.

She said: “Apologies, there was some bad language in the background, not from you, apologies to anyone who was offended.”

Ross just gave a wry smile, while Newman rapidly moved on to another topic which appeared to catch the politician off-guard – his tears.

She said: “I notice you’re shedding a tear yourself – I’m assuming from the cold rather than the emotion of this interview.”

Ross immediately apologised and wiped his face, while Newman said: “It’s fine, don’t worry at all, we’ve made you stand in the cold.”

The conversation then moved onto arguably safer ground – Nicola Sturgeon’s appearance before the Covid Inquiry yesterday.

You can watch the clip here:


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