Dr Ranj Singh Robbed In Street After Leaving Brit Awards Party

The This Morning star has warned fans to be careful after his watch was stolen in the scary incident.

Dr Ranj Singh has revealed he was robbed on the street after partying at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night.

The TV doc, who is a regular face on This Morning and Good Morning Britain, shared his scary experience in an Instagram post on Wednesday evening.

After leaving the Brits ceremony at London’s O2 Arena, Ranj headed to an after-party in central London. It was when he was heading home from the bash that he was accosted by a man in the street who then stole his watch.

Dr Ranj Singh
Dr Ranj Singh
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Dr Ranj told his followers in a note titled ‘a little word of warning’: “I had the BEST night last night. Sadly, on my way home from Soho when I was walking to get a taxi, I was approached by a man who robbed me.

“It all happened so quickly and luckily I wasn’t hurt at all (the git stole my watch though), but it could’ve been so much worse.”

The TV doctor explained how he “foolishly” chased after the man but admitted he regretted doing so.

“I now know that’s not a good idea as sometimes these people will lead you into a trap,” he said. “I wasn’t going to say anything because I felt stupid and a little bit embarrassed, but after speaking to some friends I thought it might just serve as a reminder: please be careful when coming home at night, even in spaces you think are safe. Look out for each other peeps.”

Ranj later reassured fans that was OK but “a little shaken” in a post on Twitter.

“I’m OK,” he tweeted. “A little shaken, but mostly just angry about it all because he approached me as if he needed help.

“I feel like I got taken advantage of because I thought he was genuine. Another life lesson learned.”


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