Dublin-Bound Plane's Diversion To Paris Leaves The Internet's Jokers Flying High

Internet culture at its best.
A Ryanair flight made a 500-mile detour from Dublin to Paris last night
A Ryanair flight made a 500-mile detour from Dublin to Paris last night
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A flight going from Manchester to Dublin ended up arriving in Paris last night – and the internet raced to share all of its best jokes.

The 500-mile diversion was triggered by Storm Isha, which caused havoc across the UK and the Republic of Ireland on Sunday.

The pilot, already delayed leaving Manchester, could not land in the Irish city at the intended 3.30pm slot because of the “dangerous” winds, which reached 90mph in some places.

Manchester airport was full, meaning they could not return there, and so the pilot allegedly told passengers that they had made the decision to go to... France.

Journalist Nicola Bardon told Manchester Evening News: “There was a big laugh from the passengers when the pilot informed us of Paris initially. One person yelled ‘Welcome to Pari, would prefer to be in Kerry’.”

The plane ended up touching down in Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport just before 5.30pm.

Dublin Airport had previously warned that some flight could be cancelled or delayed, and plenty were diverted to Manchester or elsewhere across the UK.

But, as of 7.30pm last night, the passengers of this one unfortunate plane said they were still stuck on the French runway.

According Bardon’s social media, it was not until around 1am on Monday morning that the plane touched down in Dublin again – after a 45-minute flight turned into a 9-hour trip across Europe.

So, after all that excitement, you can imagine the kind of posts which appeared on X (formerly Twitter)...


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