03/07/2017 12:48 BST

The DudeRobe Is Here To Ensure Men Only Have To Wear Masculinity-Affirming Towelling Apparel

Someone send that asteroid.

Ever felt like you’re unfairly discriminated against in the towelling apparel department, simply because you’re a man?

While women have the luxury of purchasing a towel bathrobe (some people have all the luck), you are left eternally naked and dripping wet because you can’t possibly locate any item masculine enough to drape on your body.

Well have no fear, DudeRobe is here with a collection of towel-lined hoodies, robes, shorts and trousers to keep your cripplingly fragile masculinity cosy.

In fact, one customer, 42-year-old Jason, from Boca Raton, said what we were all thinking: “At least I don’t feel like I’m wearing a dress.”


The creator of DudeRobe, who has so far raised $68,000 through a KickStarter campaign, said: “The problem; bathrobes for men kind of suck. I hate to be so blunt, but there really are no good options for guys.

“Sure, regular robes may absorb water a bit, but they definitely don’t look cool, unless you’re Hugh Hefner, Tyler Durden, or the Dude from Big Lebowski.”

And so DudeRobe was born.  

Designed all your “dude activities”, which apparently includes getting in the shower, going to the gym, and “just chillin’”.

The website says: “Is DudeRobe just like a regular robe? Ha, the regular robe wishes! It’s most like a regular robe’s cooler, smarter, more fun younger brother. DudeRobe was made for guys just like you.”

Complete with a hood, a “more manly” belt, and extra deep pockets (only women deal in small pockets) no one is going to be questioning how seriously you take your gender.