Dutch Fertility Doctor Used His Own Sperm To Illegally Father 49 Children, DNA Tests Find

Most of the children are now in their thirties.

A Dutch fertility doctor replaced donor sperm with his own to illegally father 49 children, DNA test results have revealed.

Jan Karbaat, who died two years ago aged 89, impregnated the women at his clinic near Rotterdam.

Dozens of his children and their parents launched a legal bid just before he died, and in February, the court agreed to have his DNA released.

Karbaat’s family had fought against the move, which was extracted from items including a toothbrush locked in a safe, citing his right to a private life.

On Friday, the results revealed that he was the biological father of 49 children, so-called “Karbaatkinderen”. Most of them are currently in their thirties.

The lawyer representing them pointed out inconsistencies between the appearance of the children and their supposed donor.

It is thought he may have fathered more children than the ones who have been identified. Karbaat’s clinic shut down in 2009.

Iara de Witte, an adviser at NGO Defence for Children, said: “The judge placed the interest of the child above the right to privacy of Mr Karbaat and his family.”

“After years of uncertainty, the plaintiffs are finally closing a period and they can start processing the fact that they are one of the many descendants of Karbaat.”


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