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In the US, pregnant women can choose to have the vaccine. Here's how it's working.
The pandemic has shown that it is possible to adapt our working practices to ensure staff can be productive yet safe, writes Dr Ellen Welch.
Recent data shows that Black, Asian and minority ethnic women account for more than half of UK pregnancy hospitalisations with Covid-19.
The outbreak can cause panic for expecting parents and those with babies. Here's what experts have to say.
Get your jab between the start of October and the end of November, ideally 🤧
"My partner had to use his iPhone torch to see if the baby's head was crowning."
Analysis of more than a million cases showed no difference in infant death rates.
Babies born in the UK are screened for nine conditions, compared with 20 in Europe.
Warning signs can include a temperature, difficulty breathing and being lethargic.
Two men arrested as newborn baby delivered at scene after its mother was stabbed to death is critically ill in hospital.