Earth Day 2016: 10 Images Which Show Off Our Incredible Planet

#EarthDay 2016: 10 Images That Show Off Our Incredible Planet

It's Earth Day 2016 which means it's time for us to take a moment, step back and really appreciate the enormous blue rock that we call home.


Started in 1970, Earth Day was created as a global initiative to raise awareness for the safeguarding of our planet whether it's through conservation, battling climate change or protecting endangered species.

This year's Earth Day is particularly important as it's the day when leaders from around the world have come together to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

Thrashed out by world leaders during the Paris Climate Summit the agreement is a bold set of targets to try and curb humanity's effect on the planet through global warming.


Earth Day isn't just about world leaders signing enormous bits of paper though, it's also about us as humans reminding ourselves of the stunning planet we live on and raising awareness that it is ultimately us as a species that will determine its fate.

To help remind you GoPro collated some of their best images taken by their users from around the world and created Top 10.

These are taken by ordinary people who went out and did something extraordinary.

Welcome your Winter
Connor McNally
If you prefer the cold to the heat, then, just like Connor McNally, you will appreciate the first and eagerly-awaited arrival of the winter snow in Tignes, which is captured in this picturesque moment.
Sink or Swim
Dylan Jones
Check out this GoPro Photo of the Day image of our care-free friend submitted by Dylan Jones, Dot the dolphin, flying through the waves!
Up, Up and Away!
Kelly Ortel
Scared of heights? Then look away now. Kelly Ortel bravely captures a stunning 360 shot of the Na Pali Coastline in Hawaii from outside of a helicopter.
Birthday Girl and her Turtle
Jeremie Tronet
Dive in with Nemo, Dory and Crush the sea turtle, to ride the waves, capture every moment and every friend you meet just like Jeremie Tronet did with this stunning image – but try not to get lost!
Take it easy
Kyle Te-kiwi
As the sun hits the navy clouds, Kyle Te-kiwi takes his time to relax in front of the New Zealand sunrise and admire the view with his GoPro.
Here comes the sun
Lane Johnson
Capture a perfect moment, just like Lane Johnson snapping the Aspen morning sun glowing through the crisp Autumn trees in this captivating image.
Recreate your own Jungle Book
Josiah Klakulak
Toot your trunk with Ellie the Elephant and the rest of the bunch in this fun-packed image. Snapped in the jungle, you too could be your very own Mowgli and capture your journey along the way. This incredible image was submitted by Josiah Klakulak.
Who let Curious George out?
Martin Karner
If you prefer being up in the sky, swinging from branch to branch, then why not hand your GoPro to the furry friends you meet along the way, just like Martin Karner did with this little guy? Meet George here, monkeying around in Thailand, taking a cheeky selfie to add to his camera roll.
Riding The Wave
Trevor DeHaas
With VIP access, Trevor DeHaas secured a permit to allow his cute pup to ride The Wave in Arizona on one of the most beautiful days of the year.
Ride your way to beauty
Mitch Cheek
Forget a competitive cycle, this beautiful image shared by Mitch Cheek shows how cycling solo with eye-capturing scenery of Mount Bromo is always worthy of first place.

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