Earth Day

Earth Day was started 49 years ago by a senator who was distraught by the devastation of an oil spill that had struck the California coastline near Santa Barbara the previous year. The movement went global in 1990 and this year’s edition will focus on calling for increased protection of endangered species and their habitats.
The theme this year is about ending plastic pollution.
The theme this year is about ending plastic pollution.
We’re obsessed with grim environmental tales, but most of them miss the point.
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Bill Nye will gladly talk to the media about climate change, but he has no time for climate change skeptics.  The celebrity
The recurring narrative of Tomorrow is one of hope. And it's an important change in tone; the climate change discussion is overwhelming, and quite frankly, terrifying. And it's all too tempting to bury your head in the sand when it comes to taking action. Hopefully this film will inspire people to take action...
On Saturday 22 April, millions will join forces to celebrate the natural world. Last year, Earth Day marked the signing of
The Bali I dreamed of growing up was not the Bali that exists today--all thanks to the careless acts of tourists.