LOUD & PROUD: ‘EastEnders’ Viewers Praise Ben Mitchell’s Coming Out Scenes

Phil's surprising reaction left fans stunned.
loud and proud

‘EastEnders’ viewers took to Twitter to praise the soap on Monday (26 April) night, following scenes that saw Ben Mitchell come out.

During the episode, Ben kissed Paul Coker in the Queen Vic, leaving his family and friends stunned, and while Phil already knew his son was gay, he wasn’t impressed with the public display of affection and stormed home.

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A disheartened Ben then turned to his pal Jay, who admitted Phil would be hard to win over.

However, the duo then got a pleasant surprise, when Phil appeared to give his son his blessing, by returning to the pub and getting a round of drinks in.

After disappointment at Phil’s initial reaction, viewers were delighted to see the father and son patch things up:

Sadly, Ben and Paul's relationship may not last, as actor Jonny Labey has revealed that he's leaving the soap.

The Mitchells are set for a turbulent few months, and Phil’s alcohol issues aren’t going to be their only worries.

The recently-returned Louise, played by newcomer Tilly Keeper, has been keeping the family on their toes, and the much-awaited return of Peggy Mitchell is also imminent.

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