'EastEnders' Airs Claudette Hubbard Death Twist

Mother's Day finally came to a close in Albert Square. And only four days late!

Thursday’s ‘EastEnders’ double bill offered plenty of twists and turns, before delivering one final shock twist just before the iconic “doof doofs” rolled in.

Much of the evening’s second episode saw Vincent Hubbard dealing with the fact Patrick Trueman had killed Claudette by pushing her down the stairs, but it was then revealed that she’s actually alive after all.

Earlier in the week, Claudette admitted to killing Vincent's father
Earlier in the week, Claudette admitted to killing Vincent's father
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Vincent just about managed to get Patrick to keep schtum about the crime, convincing him that it would be best if nobody found out, and concocting a story about an argument with Claudette.

The duo got a shock though, when Kim decided to make an early start on building work, and - in a plot twist reminiscent of Corrie’s Callum Logan storyline - leveled the basement floor with concrete.

Patrick still thinks Claudette is dead
Patrick still thinks Claudette is dead
BBC Pictures

Believing Claudette’s body was underneath, Vincent urged to Patrick to stay quiet however, in the closing minutes of the show, viewers found out Claudette was alive after all.

The final scene showed a woman who had been found by the side of the road being rushed into hospital, and yes, it was Claudette.

We wouldn’t want to be in Vincent and Patrick’s shoes when she returns to Walford.

The episode also solved the mystery of those snaps of Billy and Ronnie Mitchell in the hearse, revealing that they were not a sneak peek at Peggy Mitchell’s funeral, but an early look at Ronnie’s dash to stop Jack Branning from getting married. Even though he wasn’t actually tying the knot. Oh, Ronnie.

‘EastEnders’ continues on Monday 14 March. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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