09/06/2017 09:19 BST

'EastEnders' Makes Election Gaffe As Kathy Beale Makes Shock Voting Admission

'Do they still send polling cards to people presumed dead for years then?'


‘EastEnders’ fans spotted a massive error in a scene referencing the general election on Thursday (8 June), which saw Kathy Beale make a voting admission. 

Bosses threw in some lines of dialogue between the character and her daughter-in-law to reference the real-life vote, where Kathy discussed how she voted in the last election in the summer of 2015. 

However, long-term fans of the show will remember that back then, Kathy was still believed to be dead. 

The character made a dramatic return to the soap in February 2015, when it was revealed she and husband Gavin had faked their own deaths back in 2006 in an insurance scam. 

She didn’t make a full-time return to the Square until the autumn, making it highly unlikely she would have ever been able to vote in the election, given the authorities would have had her listed as deceased. 

This is how the conversation between Kathy and Jane unfolded: 

Kathy: “No idea when I’m going to find time to vote. It’s important, you know, especially at this time.”

Jane: “Yeah but you’ve got to, don’t you? Especially this time.”

Kathy: “Definitely.”

Jane: “So which way are you going to swing?”

Kathy: “My way! Same way I voted last time. Same for you, I’d think?”

Jane: “Yeah, it is!”

Kathy: “And that is?”

Jane: “My way!”

‘EastEnders’ bosses have tried to play down the blunder, with a spokesperson telling the Daily Star that Kathy’s statement “could have been in reference to any time in her life that she had voted, not necessarily only in the previous election.”

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