09/08/2016 09:54 BST | Updated 11/08/2016 11:04 BST

‘EastEnders’: Grant Mitchell Secret Son Storyline Gets Underway

And it probably won't be long before the rest of Walford finds out.

After months of rumours that it was in the pipeline, ‘EastEnders’ finally kicked off a storyline which will see Grant Mitchell’s secret love child revealed.

Monday (8 August) night’s episode saw his brother Phil discover the truth after finding the letter Michelle wrote Peggy before her death, which had found itself into the not-so-safe hands of Sharon.

The baby was conceived during a brief encounter between Grant and Michelle in 1995, and after reading the note, a suitably stunned Phil asked Sharon: “No more secrets? No more lies? Nice of Michelle to write to mum, wasn’t it?

“So when was you going to tell me, Sharon, eh? When was you going to tell me that Michelle has had Grant’s baby?”

Hmmm. Sorry Sharon, but he has a point.

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Secrets don't stay private for long in Soapland 

Grant has made two fleeting visits to the Square so far this year, but each have included plenty of drama.

His first stop came just prior to the death of his mother Peggy, while his current stay in Walford also heralded the arrival of Courtney, his daughter with the late Tiffany.

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