‘EastEnders’ Praised For Raising Disability Awareness With Kim Fox And Donna Yates Scene

'About time this was covered in soaps.'

‘EastEnders’ viewers have taken to Twitter to praise the soap, following a scene featuring Kim Fox and Donna Yates in Tuesday’s (27 September) show.

The episode saw Kim and her sister-in-law have an argument, when the former revealed that she had been stealing Donna’s blue badge from her car so that she could use disabled parking bays.

Obviously, Donna was pretty annoyed and did her best to explain to Kim why she was in the wrong:

“Do you wanna spend a day in my chair?” Donna asked her. “See what it’s like not to be able to go because some stupid cow’s in there, because it’s got more space for her shopping?

“Do you wanna have someone drive you around trying to find a parking space - and then eventually when you do find one, it’s so far from the shops that it ain’t worth it anyway?

“All because the space you were supposed to be able to park in is being used by some idiot woman with a stolen badge.”

A number of fans then praised both character Donna and the soap’s writers:

There’s been plenty of drama in Walford lately, and it’s set to continue next month, when Paul Coker’s killers stand trial for murder.

Earlier this week, fans were given a first look at the episodes, though Pam Coker will make a decision that could put the whole court hearing into jeopardy.

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