‘EastEnders’: Peggy Mitchell’s Most Memorable Run-Ins

Babs' character had more than a`few rows over the years.

Over the decades, Peggy Mitchell has won the hearts of millions of 'EastEnders' fans, but the same can’t always be said for her fellow Walford residents.

Barbara Windsor’s character is famed for her many clashes, which have seen her deliver (and receive) a number of classic soapland slaps, start screaming matches in the Queen Vic and even push someone into a grave.

The likes of Pat Butcher, Archie Mitchell and even Mick Carter have all been in the firing line at one point or another, and all we can say is we’d rather it was them than us.

As we prepare to say farewell to the soap matriarch for one last time (*sobs uncontrollably*), we’re looking back at Peggy’s most memorable run-ins, rows and scraps…

How many of these can you remember...?
Peggy Vs... Pauline
Peggy and Pauline's first proper argument took place when the pub landlady spread gossip about Mark, telling the residents of Walford that he had Aids. When Peggy made one comment too many, Pauline did not let her forget it.
Peggy Vs... Pat Butcher
The rivalry between these two led to many clashes over the years, but none are more famous than this iconic moment.
Peggy Vs... Phil Mitchell
Phil has tested his mother's patience over the years and in this 2010 scene, Peggy finally snapped and delivered a slap with a sting.
Peggy Vs... Mick Carter
Peggy made a brief appearance during 2015's live week, though Mick was completely unaware of who she was and hit the soap veteran with one of her very own signature lines.
Peggy Vs... Sharon
Thanks to Sharon's various affairs and romantic dealings with Phil and Grant, she's never been in Peggy's good books. However, she's still not exactly one to grovel, and as this clip shows, Sharon can always give as good as she gets.
Peggy Vs... Chrissie
True, it wasn't exactly the most appropriate moment to do it, but Peggy was right to accuse Chrissie of murdering Dirty Den.
Peggy Vs... Archie
She may have been taken in by Archie's charms at first, but Peggy eventually saw sense and gave the conniving so-and-so what for.
Peggy Vs... Janine
Oh, Janine. The soap's notorious bad girl, she naturally had more than a few clashes with Peggy over the years.

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