'EastEnders' Spoiler: Carter Family Fears Over Baby Ollie Continue

Linda and Mick are determined to find out if something is seriously wrong.

The Carter family are set for more heartache in ‘EastEnders’, as they come to terms with the fact baby Ollie seems to have changed since his accident.

However, Mick’s relationship with Nancy will continue to worsen, as he struggles to forgive his daughter for her part in what happened to Ollie.

<strong>Tamwar reminds Linda that Nancy needs her parents </strong>
Tamwar reminds Linda that Nancy needs her parents
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This week, viewers will see Mick leave Nancy devastated when he’s brutally honest about how he feels, and the argument will tip Nancy over the edge, and into a downward spiral.

A worried Tamwar then steps in and reunited his ex with her mother, but Mick won’t budge.

<strong>Linda shares her worries with Sharon</strong>
Linda shares her worries with Sharon
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As tensions with Nancy rise, Linda faces up to the problems that Ollie might face as he grows older, and begins to accept that something serious might be wrong when he fails to react to a nursery rhyme in the usual way.

<strong>Linda and baby Ollie</strong>
Linda and baby Ollie
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Determined to get answers, Linda and Mick visit the doctor, and once back in the Square the pub landlady talks to Honey about her feelings, apologising for her previous behaviour.

Actress Maddy Hill is set to leave the soap later this year, and there’s no word yet on whether her character will be on good terms with her parents when Nancy makes her exit (presumably in a black cab).

These ‘EastEnders’ scenes air from Monday 28 March. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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