'EastEnders' Spoiler: Phil Mitchell’s Alcohol Fuelled Rampage Gets Out Of Hand

Phil Mitchell is set to cause havoc in ‘EastEnders’, when he goes on a rampage and smashes up the Arches.

Steve McFadden’s character has been testing his loved ones lately, and next week, viewers will see him cause carnage by smashing up the garage.

'EastEnders': Phil Mitchell's Drunken Rampage

Viewers will see Phil steal a digger and start ripping the Arches to pieces - can his family stop him before serious damage is done?

Eventually, Ben manages to talk some sense into his dad, but there’s certainly a long way to go before Phil is on the road to recovery.

The Mitchell family aren’t exactly having a brilliant time at the moment, and Abi Branning is set to tell her boyfriend Ben that she’s had a miscarriage.

However, as viewers know, the youngster has been faking her pregnancy.

Will the truth be revealed? Well, this is Walford…

These ‘EastEnders’ scenes air from Tuesday 29 March. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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