18/05/2017 10:27 BST

‘EastEnders’: Denise Fox Star Diane Parish Hails ‘Forensic Actress’ Ann Mitchell, Ahead Of Food Bank Scenes

'She bristles off the screen.'

‘EastEnders’ star Diane Parish has praised her returning colleague Ann Mitchell, ahead of tonight’s (Thursday 18 May) episode.

The next installment of the soap will see Diane’s character Denise Fox come face-to-face with Cora Cross, played by Ann, when she visits a food bank.

Sadly, Denise will flee in embarrassment, but actress Diane has shared her delight at getting to work with Ann again.

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An embarrassed Denise will leave after seeing Cora 

Speaking to HuffPost UK, she explained that they were “very isolated” while filming the scenes together, adding: “I love Ann Mitchell. I remember her from when I was a kid and she was in ‘Widows’.

“My eye is always drawn to strong women, like Lindsey Coulson [who played Carol Jackson] when I first started watching ‘EastEnders’, she was somebody I looked up to.

“She bristles off the screen and that’s what Ann does. They couldn’t give a monkeys what anyone thinks about them, they’re just telling the truth.

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Earlier this week, Denise struggled to get funds from the job centre 

“Ann is a lovely and just the real deal. She’s a forensic actress, who always knows what’s going on.

“She’s about real theatre and work and craft, and it’s such a liberating thing [to work with her]. She doesn’t want to pretend, she wants to be.”

The food bank scenes will come following a few tough weeks for Denise, during which time she’s been forced to sell her jewellery, as her financial problems have worsened.

Diane also spoke to HuffPost UK about the storyline in more detail, praising it as “a very important story about social injustice”. 

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