14/04/2017 10:05 BST

EastEnders’ Bex Fowler Bullying Plot Steps Up, As Character Is Tricked Into Eating Faeces


‘EastEnders’ viewers were left shocked on Thursday (13 April), when Bex Fowler’s bullying storyline took a dark turn.

For months, the character has been suffering at the hands of fellow schoolgirls Madison and Alexandra, while her so-called friend Louise Mitchell has assisted them.

Then, in Thursday’s show, things took a seriously sinister turn, when Bex was tricked into eating faeces.

Bex was left gagging - as were many viewers 

The scene saw Madison pretend that she had decided to stop making Bex’s life hell, offering her a chocolate truffle as a peace offering.

However, when Bex bit into the gift, it became clear that it was not a truffle, and to make things worse, Alexandra and Louise were hiding and filming the whole thing.

As you’d expect, many viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the storyline development:

There may be better times around the corner for Bex, as it was recently revealed that her mum, Sonia Fowler, is set to return to Walford.

While there’s no word yet on how long she’ll stick around for, Natalie Cassidy’s character will be seen attempting to stop Bex’s tormentors.

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