26/01/2017 20:12 GMT | Updated 26/01/2017 20:12 GMT

‘EastEnders’ Bus Crash Finale Delivers Three Shocks, But No Deaths

Whitney! What are you doing?!

EastEnders’ bus crash drama came to an end on Thursday (26 January) night, and while there were no deaths, there were a series of shocks and twists to keep viewers entertained.

Disclaimer: Technically speaking, the bus driver died... but we’re talking main characters here, ok? 

The biggest came at the end of the episode, as Max Branning was seen at the top of The Shard, meeting a mystery man. 

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Who was that?!

Since returning to the Square, Max had given us the impression that he had (mostly) turned his back on his bad boy ways, but their exchange made it clear that this isn’t true.

The gentleman was seen asking Max if his ties to Walford would be a problem, but Jake Wood’s character replied that it wouldn’t adding that the pub is “next” on his list, stating: “Let it burn for all I care.”

Who was the man? Wha’s Max already done? And what are his plans for The Vic? So. Many. Questions.

Stacey was delighted when Martin agreed that they should have a baby 

Elsewhere, there was a pleasant twist in Martin and Stacey Fowler’s tale, as the couple decided to have a baby together, once it became clear that Martin was in good health following the accident.

Oh dear... 

And last - but definitely not least - there was Mick and Whitney Carter, who shared a kiss that genuinely made us gasp.

They may have vowed to forget about the “surreal” moment, but can that really happen? We’re not so sure…

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