‘EastEnders’ Spoiler Pictures Reveal Ronnie And Roxy Mitchell’s Last Christmas In Walford

Will they patch up their differences before the New Year?

‘EastEnders’ fans have been given their first look at Christmas in Walford, and these pictures hint at what is in store for Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell.

We already know this will be the sisters’ last festive season in Albert Square, as the characters are being dramatically killed off in the New Year.

The latest spoiler snaps reveal what they’ll be up to over Christmas, and sadly, it looks like Roxy isn’t going to change her partying ways.

<strong>Oh dear... </strong>
Oh dear...
BBC Pictures

It’ll all start on Christmas Day, when an unimpressed Jack sees Roxy, hungover, making her way home.

This earns her a telling off from Ronnie, and Roxy is left promising her sister that her upcoming hen party won’t be a raucous affair.

<strong>We do enjoy Jack's face of disapproval</strong>
We do enjoy Jack's face of disapproval
BBC Pictures

When it begins, Shirley and Tina Carter arrive to get things started but the mood soon changes as Roxy reveals that she has a bombshell announcement to make.

<strong>How will Ronnie react to Roxy's announcement?</strong>
How will Ronnie react to Roxy's announcement?
BBC Pictures

With the wedding approaching, Ronnie urges her sister to build some bridges and repair important relationships - but is it all a case of too little, too late?

It’s just the Mitchell sisters who face potential doom and gloom this year, as Dot Branning also looks set to struggle through the festive period.

These ‘EastEnders’ scenes air from Saturday 24 December. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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