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‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Who Dies In Explosion Week? Here Are All The Big Questions And Theories

It's all going on in Albert Square.


The time has finally arrived in ‘EastEnders’, as the show’s much-hyped explosion week begins.

Bosses have been typically conservative when it comes to revealing spoilers and plot twists, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about what could be ahead, and it seems there have even been a few on-screen clues to help viewers-turned-detectives. 

Who won’t make it through the week? Which characters could be to blame? Here are all of the most popular theories...

Who dies?

This is indubitably the biggest question of the week and one that probably won’t be answered until Friday.

While we can’t reveal who will be bowing out of the soap, some characters have been confirmed as survivors - well, in the immediate aftermath anyway.

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Spoiler pictures revealed earlier this month showed Martin, Michelle and Sonia Fowler, Robbie Jackson, Ian and Steven Beale, and most of the Mitchells - apart from Phil, Billy and Honey - standing in the Square following the blast.

Ted and Joyce Murray are also safe, though the drama does have a serious effect on the former, which brings us to the fact…

There are two other BIG events

The disaster, which strikes midway through the Walford In Bloom event, is obviously the main focus, but two more potentially-deadly events will take place, and both have been teased by bosses.

Ted Joyce will shoot someone

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The relative newcomer will be responsible for the first shocker of the week, when the explosion triggers painful memories that lead him to take a gun out into the Square for protection. He then takes aim at one resident - could this be what results in the death?

Steven Beale’s arson attack

Elsewhere, viewers will see Steven attempt to murder his stepmother Jane, in a bid to make sure she doesn’t reveal his recent lies to the rest of Walford.

Aaron Sidwell’s character, who is currently part of Max Branning’s revenge plot and faking a brain tumour, will set fire to the restaurant and we were given a glimpse at the blaze he starts in the recently-revealed trailer:

Interestingly, it showed Max - who set Steven the task of silencing Jane - opening the restaurant and seeing the blaze, when he’s the last person we thought would save her.

What about Johnny Carter?

Fans might remember that Ted Reilly and Kellie Bright, who play Johnny and Linda Carter, were recently spotted filming on location, as what appeared to be an ambulance crash took place.

In the snaps, Kellie Bright was wearing the same outfit she sports in the explosion week trailer, hinting that the crash takes place after this disaster.


The images also showed Johnny lying on a stretcher, with an oxygen mask covering his face. It seems he will be one of the casualties, but could the youngest Carter sibling lose his life?

Phil Mitchell’s also set for difficult times

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, the explosion week trailer showed Phil lying on some bin bags in the street, appearing to be either asleep or unconscious.

We already know that Phil will clash with Billy in Monday’s (4 September) episode and snaps from the disaster aftermath show the rest of his family stood safely. Surely bosses wouldn’t kill off the soap’s most famous hardman?

Is Martin Fowler to blame for the blast? 

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Martin was in charge of putting up the stage for Walford In Bloom and one scene, that aired last week, may have foreshadowed what causes the gas explosion.

Viewers saw Martin congratulating himself for finishing the job, however, one of the market traders then pointed out that a number of screws were missing from the structure.

What’s in store for Fi Browning?

Last Friday’s (1 September) episode saw her link to Josh, Lauren Branning’s colleague, revealed. She also told Mick Carter more about her past, telling him about the tragic death of her mother.

However, in classic Soapland style, these pieces of news opened up more questions, rather than providing answers.

Her phone call to Josh proved they have some kind of relationship, but how do they actually know each other? It also raised questions over her reason for being in the Square and her intentions with Max.

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