‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Mitchell Family Incest Storyline Is (Understandably) Alarming Viewers

Are they really going to go there?

‘EastEnders’ viewers are currently in a spin over a romance storyline, which is developing between Mark Fowler Jr and Courtney Mitchell.

Sparks have been flying between the two youngsters which would be fine, if they weren’t actually half-siblings. Awks.

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Obviously, the pair are currently unaware that they’re related, as Mark has no idea that Grant Mitchell is also his dad.

This has done little to quell the strong views some soap fans have though…

While Mark doesn’t currently know his true parentage, we reckon it won’t be long before he discovers the truth. This is Walford, after all.

A recently released ‘EastEnders’ trailer showed Mark and his dad in Albert Square together, and there’s plenty of drama ahead for the family, thanks to Ben, whose plot for revenge on Paul Coker’s killers takes a dark turn.

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