‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Who Did Ted Murray Shoot? Explosion Week Episode Ends On A Cliffhanger


EastEnders’ fans were left on a cliffhanger on Tuesday’s (5 September) night, when Ted Joyce shot a mystery resident.

It all began when he suffered a flashback after the explosion, and in a confused state, told his wife that they needed to prepare in case burglars came back, finding a gun to arm himself.

As Joyce then attempted to persuade her husband to hand over the gun, someone - who could not be seen - interrupted, and a panicked Ted fired the gun.

Who did he shoot?
Who did he shoot?

While we’ll have to wait until at least Thursday (8 September) to find out whose life is in danger, fans have previously speculated over whether it would be Johnny in the firing line.

The episode also saw Max continue playing games, lying to Steven and telling him that Jane Beale wanted to “get rid of him” like she did Lucy, his sister who was murdered.

Jane thought Steven wanted to make things better - unaware of his deadly plans
Jane thought Steven wanted to make things better - unaware of his deadly plans

He then ordered Steven to go and “take care of Jane”, convincing him to attempt to murder her, before distracting anyone who mentioned going to check on Jane.

In her desperate bid to talk Steven out of arson, Jane reminded him that he’s having a baby with Abi - totally unaware that he had no idea she was pregnant.

However, it was all fruitless as in the end, Steven set fire to the restaurant - will Jane make it out alive?

It was a personal revelation that overshadowed everything though, as Linda Carter told Jack Branning why she had spent so long with her mother, before returning to Walford earlier this year.

Martin Fowler managed to find himself on the wrong side of the law, after assaulting a police during a frenzied search for Stacey, while despite initially appearing to be hurt, Phil Mitchell walked away from the blast.

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