‘EastEnders’ Airs Shock Scenes Revealing Paul Coker’s Death


‘EastEnders’ fans were left stunned on Monday night (18 July), when it was revealed that Paul Coker has died, and actor Jonny Labey has now shared his thoughts on his exit storyline.

The episode saw the Mitchell and Beale families face a rollercoaster of emotions, after receiving a call informing them that Ben was in a critical condition.

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Ian and Phil then raced to the hospital, where they were told that Harry Reid’s character had died from his injuries, after being attacked.

However, when they went to identify the body, they were left stunned to find it was Paul Coker who was dead, not Ben.

While Ben’s condition currently remains unknown, viewers have been left shocked by the plot twist.

The news is sure to send shockwaves through Walford, and Jonny, who plays Paul, has opened up about the storyline, revealing how things will unfold in the coming week: “I was told about all of these things happening and saw that it all happened over a few episodes; it’s incredible to have a week dedicated to your character.

“A lot of the really emotional stuff happens after I leave and all of my last scenes are very happy. It was quite strange because Lin and Roger were filming a lot of the reactive parts and then coming back to film all the upbeat stuff with me.

“It was quite odd! But watching Lin and Roger do their scenes was really hard.”

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