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‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Who Dies After Car Crash? Weigh Up The Evidence And Make Your Prediction…

A number of lives are hanging in the balance.

‘EastEnders’ ended on a dramatic note on Tuesday (28 March), when Michelle Fowler crashed a car into the chip shop, leaving a number of lives - including her own - in danger.

Bosses are keeping schtum on whether everyone will make it out alive, which leaves us the job of examining the evidence, and trying to work out who might not pull through.

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Will they all make it out alive?

As Michelle was at the wheel it looks likely that she’ll need medical treatment, but there were also two other characters in the Beale’s chippy at the time of the crash.

And obviously, this being Soapland, there’s still every chance we could be dealt a shock blow, with another character being stuck in the rubble.

Weigh up the evidence and make your predictions on everyone’s fate below…

Michelle Fowler

Michelle caused the crash when she drove after mixing alcohol and a sleeping tablet, eventually crashing into the chippy when she swerved to avoid her secret lover Preston.

The closing seconds of the show displayed Michelle slumped at the steering wheel, over an airbag, but will she survive the carnage?

Kathy Beale

Kathy was working at the chip shop when disaster struck, and Ian - who asked her to cover his shift - will probably be feeling pretty guilty if anything happens to her.

The wide shots of the building showed severe damage, but could the counter have provided her shelter?

Kush Kazemi

Kush left Denise Fox in the bar shortly before the accident, telling her that he was heading to the chippy for some late night food.

The duo had enjoyed a few drinks together, with Kush ending up worse for wear, revealing his true feelings for her.


Michelle may have swerved to avoid the teenager, but it wasn’t clear whether she was successful or not.

Sadly, if he is injured - or worse - we don’t think there will be too many Walford residents shedding tears over it.

Or somebody else...?

This is the world of soaps, where anything happen, so there’s every chance another character was caught up in the carnage. Remember January’s bus crash, when Whitney Dean was under the wreckage the whole time? Our point exactly.

This theory also works in reverse though: maybe everyone will get out safe after all.

Cast your vote in the final poll below…

‘EastEnders’ continues on Thursday 30 March. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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