‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: From Max Branning To Whitney Carter, The 11 Characters To Watch Closely After The Bus Crash Drama

We've got more than a few thoughts on what's happening next.

Thursday’s (26 January) ‘EastEnders’ saw the bus crash drama come to an end, but that doesn’t means things in Walford are going to quieten down anytime soon.

The Square’s residents all made it out alive, debunking theories that there would be a shock death, but the episode still managed to deliver a series of twists that could have big consequences.

So who are we keeping an eye on? Here are the characters we’ll be watching closely…

1. Max Branning

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Since returning to Walford, Max has given everyone the impression that he’s a reformed character, but that clearly isn’t the case. The final moments of the episode saw him meeting with a mystery gentleman, promising that the pub was “next” on his list, adding: “Let it burn for all I care.”

The question is - well, we have a few actually - what has he already done? And why the pub?

Previous trailers for the week’s shows saw the Queen Vic statue wobbling as the roof caved in, and while this now seems to have been a metaphor for the disastrous events that have occurred, there’s every chance Max could be planning some physical damage.

2. and 3. Whitney Dean and Mick Carter

We were left stunned when Whit leaned in for a kiss with her father-in-law, and even more shocked when he took a few seconds too long to move away.

They may have resolved to put the “surreal” moment behind them, insisting that they love their respective partners, but could this be the start of an affair? If it is, we’re pre-ordering the ‘Team Linda’ t-shirts now (Sorry Whitney).


4. Lee Carter

He wasn’t there for his wife in the immediate aftermath of the crash, and this was probably part of the reason why she made a play for his dad(!).

Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard has already told us that he really doesn’t have long left on the show - will he be leaving a happy man? Or turning his back, feeling betrayed?

5. and 6. Martin and Stacey Fowler

Tragedy turned to joy for the couple, who decided to try for a baby. Will they be welcoming a mini-Martin before the year is out? Watch this space…

7. Kim Fox-Hubbard

Denise’s brush with death still wasn’t enough to make her sister soften her attitude and approach, and we’re now wondering just how long their feud can continue for.


8. Donna Yates

Based on absolutely nothing at all, we have a weird feeling about this. While the other injured characters were checked over in hospital, Donna was knocking back the brandies in The Vic.

We know we’re being cautious, but is she definitely ok? Definitely? Could they not have just checked her over anywhere? We all remember what happened to Emma Summerhayes after all.

9. Aunt Babe

Aunt Babe hasn’t quite ascended to full soap villain levels yet - we’re talking Archie Mitchell and Richard Hillman - but she’s certainly not about to show a nice side any time soon. In Thursday’s show, we saw her tell Sylvie the crash was all her fault, and we really hope she doesn’t get away unpunished.


10. Shaki Kazemi

Bex Fowler may be ready to forgive Shaki for some of his previous actions, but Louise Mitchell isn’t about to let the fact he saved her get in the way of a good old-fashioned row. If he worms his way back into Bex’s good books, will she be ready to let it all go?

11. Jack Branning

Jack wasn’t directly involved in the crash drama, but his exchange with Max gave us an insight into his ongoing struggle to move on following Ronnie’s death. As we know, Max has other things on his mind right now, and Jack may face putting his family back together on his own.

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