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‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Michelle Fowler Actress Jenna Russell Teases Sharon Watts Confrontation

Things aren't about to get any easier for Michelle.

Things aren’t set to get any easier for Michelle Fowler in ‘EastEnders’, as she continues to deal with the fallout from last week’s events.

Jenna Russell’s character was left humiliated when the whole of Walford discovered that she was having an affair with teenager Preston, and the actress has revealed that Michelle will now clash with a close friend.

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Jenna as Michelle 

In Monday (3 April) night’s episode, viewers will see Michelle criticise her best pal for interfering, when she learns that Sharon lied about Michelle’s feelings in order to get Preston to leave the Square.

And despite the fact Sharon has done her a favour, Michelle isn’t about to thank her for handling things.

“Michelle is a proud woman and she feels that it’s none of Sharon’s business and that she shouldn’t have handled it the way she did,” Jenna says. “Again, Michelle isn’t taking responsibility by saying she was wrong.

“She should say straight up ‘thank you, because I’ve been trying to make him leave for weeks’. Instead she says it wasn’t Sharon’s job, that she was getting round to it and it wasn’t down to her.

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Sharon previously provided Michelle with a shoulder to cry on

“The only person who has stood by her through this situation is Sharon and she’s come back and handled it brilliantly. Sharon is the only person who knows the absolute truth.

“Michelle is too ashamed and embarrassed right now to apologise to the people she’s hurt.”

Michelle has a tough task ahead of her, and one of the toughest people to win over will be Bex Fowler, who was in a relationship with Preston when it was revealed that her aunt had been sleeping with him.

Elsewhere in the Square, Tina Carter will remain in a state of shock, following the freak accident that resulted in the death of her mother, Sylvie.

‘EastEnders’ continues tonight at 8pm. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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