01/09/2017 10:15 BST

‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Steven Beale To Attempt Murder, Setting Fire To Restaurant

Steven is set to 'go full evil'.

‘EastEnders’ viewers will see Steven Beale attempt to murder his stepmother Jane, in a desperate bid to stop her revealing the truth about his recent lies to the rest of Walford.

Thursday’s (31 August) episode saw Jane learn that Steven had been lying about having a brain tumour and when he discovers that she knows everything next week, a desperate Steven tries to kill her by setting fire to the restaurant.

Their showdown will air as part of next week’s much-hyped episodes, which will also see a huge gas explosion take place in the Square.

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Jane and Steven clash next week 

Bosses have also confirmed that at least one character won’t make it out alive, which has got us wondering whether they could be referring to Jane, rather than somebody who is caught up in the fire.

Earlier this week, actor Aaron Sidwell warned that Steven could “go full evil”, admitting: “He’s willing to go as far as it takes [to stop Jane from telling everyone the truth], whatever that might be and whoever it may hurt.

“We’re really going to see this tug of war – Steven’s always been this character that could go either way.”

Fans will have to wait and see, but spoiler pictures over the weekend confirmed that a handful of residents - including Martin and Michelle Fowler, along with some of the Mitchells - will make it to safety.

The Joyce family will also be at the centre of more action, when the explosion brings back terrible memories for Ted.

Panic-stricken, he takes a gun out into Walford as protection, but things only get worse when he accidentally shoots someone.

These ‘EastEnders’ scenes will air from Monday 5 September. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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