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‘EastEnders’ Bus Crash: Who Dies? Whitney Carter And Martin Fowler In Grave Danger Following Disaster

Will Thursday's episode result in a death?

Tuesday’s (24 January) dramatic ‘EastEnders’ episode saw the residents of Walford scrambling to save their loved ones in the aftermath of Monday’s (23 January) bus crash.

The half-hour show saw the likes of Donna Yates, Denise Fox and Bex Fowler escape from the wreckage, but Martin Fowler looks to be in a serious condition - while it seems Whitney Carter is still completely trapped under the vehicle.

Martin made it out alive (just)

The episode’s climax saw the residents coming together to lift the double-decker bus - with Max Branning directing everyone, obviously - in order to free Martin, who had been trapped underneath.

But as they all celebrated the fact he was out, Mick Carter suddenly called for everyone to be quiet, as he heard his daughter-in-law’s ringtone - Lukas Graham’s ‘Seven Years’ - playing, realising with horror that the phone is still under the wreckage.

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Carmel was overcome with emotion when she discovered that both of her sons were safe

It would certainly be a huge shock if Whitney was killed off, as it has not been announced that actor Shona McGarty is leaving - but we know that Danny-Boy Hatchard, who plays her husband Lee, is. 

Earlier, we saw a series of Albert Square favourites make way to safety, including Louise Mitchell, Bex Fowler and Shaki Kazemi, who all faced the daunting task of jumping from the top deck of the bus.

Meanwhile, Denise, Donna and Kush all emerged with injuries, and it looks as though Martin is in the most serious condition.

Donna made it to the safety of The Queen Vic, but was suffering serious pain 

Sylvie, Tina and and Shirley Carter remain trapped on a London Underground train, but that didn’t stop the latter from delivering some standout lines during the episode. 

While bosses are keeping tight-lipped on what will happen next, we do know that 10 characters are definitely not going anywhere

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