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‘EastEnders’ Bus Crash Spoilers: Who Dies? Where’s Whitney Carter? Here Are All Our Questions And Theories…

What about the underground train?

EastEnders’ bus crash drama continued on Tuesday (14 January) night, and while the episode answered many questions - and confirmed Max Branning’s status as one of the greatest men to ever step foot in Walford - it also opened up many more.

At present, it looks as though Martin Fowler has been left fighting for his life, but the situation could be even more serious for one Albert Square resident, who seems to trapped under the vehicle still.


But what’s going to happen in Friday’s show? Which big theories might be true? And what are the key questions that we’re desperate for answers to? Here are all of our theories…  

The teen with the camera phone will be very important

Keegan was seen recording the aftermath of the crash, capturing the rescue on film - but why? His actions irritated the residents, but we think his phone footage will be relevant at some point in the near future. Perhaps he managed to record a vitally important piece of evidence, or something viewers didn’t see.

Is Whitney Carter really under the bus?


The closing scene of Tuesday’s show saw Mick hear a phone ringing underneath the vehicle, recognising Lukas Graham’s ‘7 Years’ as his daughter-in-law’s ringtone. But is she actually stuck? Or is a twist in store?

Danny Boy Hatchard, who plays her husband Lee, is leaving the soap and some viewers have suggested the twist could be that he was carrying her phone, and was caught up in the accident.

A character who seems to be fine could take a turn for the worse

We’ve seen it before in soaps - remember when DC Emma Summerhayes was hit by a car but walked away, only to die less than 24 hours later? - and we reckon this would be a great way for the ‘EastEnders’ team to deliver a shock ending.

Donna Yates was seen complaining of pain, though brushed it off, while Louise Mitchell’s shellshock puts her in a vulnerable position.


What about the underground train?

It’s been confirmed that the tube train won’t be coming off the tracks in dramatic fashion, but surely Sylvie, Tina and Shirley Carter aren’t stuck on there for no reason. Could there be an event that impacts it? Or will they really just sit there, stuck at a red signal as the action continues?

The bus isn’t finished with yet

The double-decker has been sat on Bridge Street since Monday’s initial crash, but we all know how much Soapland loves an explosion or two. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it end up in flames, and if someone else really is trapped underneath then the stakes will be high.

What about the Queen Vic?


A trailer for disaster week showed the pub in a state of disrepair, but it may well have simply been a metaphor for the carnage that has hit Walford.

And what about the lost child?

An extra was seen hunting for her son, and as the commotion continued, we didn’t get to see if she managed to find him. Will he be found alive? And will his disappearance become a key part of everything that’s happened?

Watch this space…

‘EastEnders’ continues on Thursday 26 January at 7.30pm. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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