‘EastEnders’ Car Crash: Does Anyone Die? Michelle Fowler Causes Carnage After Affair Reveal

Will Michelle be responsible for a death?

Tuesday (28 March) night’s ‘EastEnders’ ended with Michelle Fowler crashing her car into Ian Beale’s chip shop.

The accident occurred when Michelle drove off, desperate to find her secret lover Preston, but when he strolled in front of the vehicle, she swerved to avoid him:

Kathy Beale and Kush Kazemi were in the chip shop when the accident took place, and viewers will have to wait and see whether they all make it through.

The rest of the episode centred various responses to Michelle Fowler and Preston’s actions, which were revealed on Monday, with Stacey Fowler comforting a heartbroken Bex as Martin raged at his sister.

Bex was devastated
Bex was devastated
BBC Pictures

Michelle admitted to her brother that her relationship with Preston wasn’t a new thing, claiming that they loved each other.

Sadly, Martin did not take the news as well as Sharon - who discovered her pal’s affair with the 17-year-old month ago, and he ended up telling her: “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a sister anymore.”

Will everyone survive the crash? Watch this space…

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