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10 Easter-Inspired Baby Names For Your Little One Born In Spring

Did you know, the names Pascal, Lulu and Renato are linked to Easter. 🐣

If your little baby is due on or around Easter, you may be tempted to pick a baby name that reflects the season.

When we think of Easter, we’re talking bunnies, eggs and spring, so we’ve been inspired by mums on Mumsnet discussing Easter baby names and have come up with 10 suggestions inspired by the celebration.  

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Derives from the Latin paschalis or pashalis, which means “relating to Easter”.


Means reborn or risen again in Italian and Spanish.


An alternative spelling of Minnie, in honour of the little chocolate eggs.

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Well it is a Christian holiday after all.


Originates from Latin and means “reborn”.


Easter Sunday is on 1 April this year.


This surely needs no explanation.

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Native American girl name meaning rabbit.


The system of burrows where rabbits lives.


Inspired by Easter egg hunts. 

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