Easter Weather Forecast UK: Bank Holiday Could Be A Washout

Sorry Guys, But We've Got Bad Weather News For The Easter Bank Holiday

If you've happened to glance outside recently, you may have noticed that Spring looks as if it may indeed have finally sprung.

But while the daffodils are beginning to sprout, predictions of a heatwave for the Easter Bank Holiday are somewhat far off the mark.

London saw a sunny weekend and this week could see the mercury nudge 15°C, but the warm spell is not likely to stretch into the break and could even be replaced with rain.

The Easter Bank Holiday will begin on Friday 25 March
The Easter Bank Holiday will begin on Friday 25 March
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Although there are likely to be prolonged sunny spells for some areas, onshore winds may bring cloud inland from the coast, with a risk of drizzle.

Meteorologist Alex Burkill told the Evening Standard: “As we go through the later part of next week and approach the Easter weekend, we are likely to see a turn to more unsettled conditions. Things are likely to turn a little colder by Easter weekend.

“At the moment we are indicating it is going to be a little bit cooler than average, not ground-breakingly colder, but a heatwave is not looking likely.

“We may see some rain and also breezy conditions as well.”

SSW occurs when air high over the North Pole warms and pushes colder Arctic temperatures down, leading to plunging temperatures.

SSW has given periods of temperatures as low as -18C in recent years, including -18.4C in the Highlands in Scotland in February 2009.

The Met Office had predicted a higher than average rainfall in March, warning the rain could become snow in some regions as it falls in freezing conditions.


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