Easy Recipes For Stress-Free Entertaining

With great hosting comes great responsibility, and being prepared is the best way to host with confidence!

We love entertaining. Gathering friends and family for a fun celebration, or for a meal as an excuse to get together, is always our idea of a good time. However, with great hosting comes great responsibility. Being prepared is the best way to host with confidence!

Despite your expertise in all-things entertaining, one thing that can throw our planning off is the unavoidable existence of food allergies.

Food allergies continue to be a growing public health issue in Canada, with an estimated 2.6 million Canadians impacted. And the incidence is highest among children, with almost 500,000 Canadian children living with food allergies.As much as you are well-experienced in hosting get-togethers, having someone over who has a food allergy can add an extra element of stress.

With this menu, you'll be tossing up some summer salads, firing up your grill with tender meats and serving some refreshingly good cocktails, and even have some tasty options for those guests with food allergies. Get ready to dish up these delicious recipes, and be sure to look out for our (*) marker for those which are Food Allergy Canada approved.

If you can stand the heat and want to get out of the kitchen, it's time to go outside and get grilling these fiery fantastic Chipotle Burgers. Infused with smoky chipotle peppers, adobo sauce and cumin, these tasty beef burgers are topped with a kickin' creamy coleslaw and a spicy special sauce. Yes Siree, spice up your life and bring on the heat with these easy and delicious Southwestern-style burgers!

Meet the ultimate in easy entertaining: Salads-on-a-Stick!

These easy, healthy and flavourful Thai Chicken Meatball Wraps are a delicious Asian twist on a classic Italian dish. Sorry spaghetti, but this is a meal you can hold in your hand, butter lettuce filled with Thai-flavoured chicken meatballs, a light peanut sauce and a spicy slaw.

Citrus Mint Sangria

While we don't like to mess with what works (read: wine), we love taking things up a notch with this perfect Citrus Mint Sangria, a refreshing combination of lemons, limes, fresh mint and dry white wine.

Forget the cookie jar, you're going to get your hand caught in this killer Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Dip.

A fan favourite, these chicken tacos will have any guest asking for more. A pop of spice from the chicken is cooled down perfectly with a creamy chickpea and avocado crema. Serve with a side of traditional black beans and you have yourself a Mexican fiesta.

Inspired by west coast culinary fusion, this sushi calls for chicken instead of fish. Let your creativity loose for inspiring additional filling ideas.

A refreshing addition to breakfast, brunch or any meal, and quick'n'easy to make, these fresh fruit and seed topped acai bowls are simply gorgeous and so delicious.

For more tips and inspiration, check out our our Party Planning Portfolio and for all your food allergy needs visit Food Allergy Canada.


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