19/03/2019 10:12 GMT | Updated 19/03/2019 10:29 GMT

'Egg Boy' Will Connolly To 'Donate £45k To New Zealand Christchurch Victims'

So far $59,987 has been raised via the GoFundMe page, equivalent to £45,217.

Money raised for a teenager who went viral after smashing an egg on the head of an Australian far-right politician will go toward the victims of the New Zealand mosque attacks, according to a fundraising page in his name.

A GoFundMe site set up to support his “legal fees and more eggs” has so far $59,987, equivalent to £45,217.

Will Connolly, 17, dubbed “Egg Boy”, appeared to contact an administrator for the page to announce his intentions for the cash. 

Connolly, from Hampton, Melbourne, shot to fame after he sent a raw egg flying at senator, Fraser Anning, after the politician issued a statement blaming Muslims for the attacks in Christchurch, in which 50 people were killed by suspected far-right shooter Brenton Tarrant.

Anning wrote: “Today’s shootings in Christchurch highlight the growing fears within our community both in Australia and New Zealand over the increasing Muslim presence.”

He added: “Countries such as Poland, Japan and Hungary that have not allowed Muslim immigration are not facing any terrorist attacks today. This is what we should aim for.”

Anning, who has been in parliament since November 2017 and sits as an independent in Queensland, has a long history of controversy.

He provoked widespread condemnation in August last year after using term “final solution” in calling for a revival of a “White Australia” restrictive immigration policy.

He has also called LGBT+ education programmes in schools “sexually deviant propaganda”.

And last week he falsely claimed that 429 Muslims holding political office in the UK were “introducing Sharia law”.