Elizabeth Hurley And Lookalike Son Damian Twin In Matching Outfits

Damian previously made headlines for a makeup ad showing off his resemblance to his model mum.

Elizabeth Hurley and her lookalike son Damian are setting the internet ablaze once again.

The actress, 54, and her 17-year-old son posed for a photo together over Christmas, where the two actually look like twins.

Dressed in similar black beanies and warm coats, the pair’s piercing blue eyes, chestnut locks and perfect pouts are nearly identical (thanks, genetics!).

“Happy christmas!!” Damian captioned his Instagram photo, complete with heart and Christmas tree emojis.

Damian made waves earlier this year when he landed a coveted spot in a makeup campaign for Pat McGrath’s Sublime Perfection: The System.

When Damian posted a still from the ad, shot by Steven Meisel, it garnered a flurry of attention for both his blowout and his resemblance to his model mother.

Just a few days later, the teenager stormed headlines yet again for re-creating his mother’s iconic Versace dress look from the 1990s.

Damian showed up to the Pat McGrath Labs launch event in London in July wearing a black Versace suit with gold safety pins, similar to the jaw-dropping Versace dress that helped catapult his mother to fame.

Damian and Elizabeth's looks, 20 years apart
Damian and Elizabeth's looks, 20 years apart
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While Damian currently seems interested in modeling, he’s also made a stab at acting, having previously starred alongside his mother in the E! show The Royals.

Elizabeth Hurley spoke about what it was like to work alongside Damian in a 2016 interview with E! News.

“He was always there ― he was assisting, he was running lines with actors and everybody always said, ‘You’ll be in it one day, Damian.’ And then suddenly it came that they’d written this part,” she said. “It was just fabulous for him to have this time to step up.”


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