Ellie Goulding’s Tale Of A Dicky Tum During Her Coachella Set And Cat Litter Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

A "poo trap door" also features in this mortifying tale.

The show must go on, they say – something Ellie Goulding knows all too well.

The Starry Eyed singer has recounted a particularly mortifying story about when she played Coachella in 2016, while suffering from a stomach bug.

WARNING: Readers of a nervous disposition should look away now.

During an appearance on this week’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks, the 34-year-old revealed that things were so bad that she had to wear shorts with a “a poo trap door” (her words), and later made use of the Kings Of Leon’s nearby cat litter.

Yes, we have many, many questions too.

Ellie was quizzed about the incident on the revamped Sky Max show by host Greg Davies and well, we’ll let Ellie do the talking.

Ellie Goulding onstage at Coachella in 2016.
Ellie Goulding onstage at Coachella in 2016.
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

“The last time I played Coachella, I had a stomach bug,” Ellie explained. “I thought that something could happen downstairs.

“It just so happened a band – I think it was Kings Of Leon, I can’t remember – they had a cat litter which they used to pee in with other humans.”

Yes, you read that correctly.

When probed by Greg if she had used the cat litter to relieve herself, a smirking and giggling Ellie appeared to confirm that she had indeed.

When she was asked by panellist Jamali Maddix if she “thought you were going to shit yourself?”, Ellie replied, “Well, yes.”

She added: “There was talk about me wearing an adult [nappy].”

Ellie Goulding performs onstage during 2016's Coachella.
Ellie Goulding performs onstage during 2016's Coachella.
Christopher Polk via Getty Images

Greg then revealed he had been told that Ellie was so worried she might “shit herself” that she was forced to have a “shit trapdoor” built into her outfit.

Ellie clarified: “I was wearing leather shorts. Look it’s not going to go anywhere! It’s not going to soak up in the leather – it’s just going to come out. So it just so happened the design included a zip all the way around so I could just run off and…”

She then added: “I had a poo trap door.”

Never Mind the Buzzcocks made its Sky Max debut earlier this month, returning to TV for the first time since the BBC axed the show in 2014.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky Max.


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