'The Nightly Show' Guest Announcer Ellie Taylor Shares Her Theory On What Could Save The Programme

Ellie appeared on the show with Jason Manford.

It’s fair to say that ‘The Nightly Show’ wasn’t exactly a hit for ITV, and Ellie Taylor, who appeared served as a guest announcer, has now shared her theory on how it could be improved.

The comedian appeared on the programme for five shows, while Jason Manford was hosting, and speaking to HuffPost UK during an episode of BUILD, Ellie admitted that things could have gone a lot better.

Ellie Taylor
Ellie Taylor

She said: “I hadn’t really watched any of the shows before I was on it, just bits and pieces.

“I was on with Jason Manford and he was the fifth or sixth host so by that point, it was grounded in a bit, and as long as you weren’t awful, you were going to get an easier ride from reviewers.”

Turning her attention to why there are a number of successful late night shows in the States, yet none here, she added: “The writing in the States is so fantastic because it’s such a big industry for them.

“They have these incredible people churning out incredible material every day and we don’t have that kind of industry here. I think it could work.

“If people could get into the mindset though, and one person could have the job and get their feet under the table a little bit more.”

Of the seven guest hosts, Jason was one of the more successful ones, and won praise from viewers during his week in the hot seat.

Despite the fact ‘The Nightly Show’ failed to pull in viewers, it’s been reported that ITV bosses haven’t ruled out bringing it back for a second stint on our screens later this year.

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