These Resurfaced Elmo Clips Are Providing The Light Relief We All Need Right Now

Who knew the fluffy red Muppet would be exactly what we needed today?
Elmo has suddenly gone viral this week
Elmo has suddenly gone viral this week

The famous Sesame Street character Elmo is suddenly being celebrated on the internet as people finally catch on to just how sassy the puppet really is.

The trend seemed to begin with a 2015 flashback video shared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter account, where Elmo shows people how to make a ‘sloppy Oscar’ burger from his cookbook Let’s Cook.

The clip began circulating because of Elmo’s strange way of pronouncing balsamic vinegar, reminding everyone why the fluffy red puppet – who has been a three-and-a-half-year-old Muppet on Sesame Street since 1980 – is so memorable.

Pretty soon, everyone started sharing their own favourite Elmo snippets – and he went viral on Twitter and Instagram.

Here are some of the best Elmo clips now making the rounds:

And some of the best responses...


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