Sesame Street

People loved the cheeky Deadpool star's tweet about his appearance on the children's show.
Elmo's Playdate will feature Muppets and celebrity guests Anne Hathaway, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tracee Ellis Ross.
The Pose star will sport his famous Oscars tuxedo dress in the hit children's TV show later this year.
Caroll voiced and operated both Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch from the show's inception in 1969.
Figures show 5.7 million children under the age of 11 live in US households with a parent with a substance use disorder.
'They remain puppets and do not have a sexual orientation.'
The video series was launched days after the Las Vegas massacre.
In a powerful new initiative launched by the creators of ‘Sesame Street’, the show’s beloved Muppets are teaching kids how
Let the Cookie Monster jokes commence. By Carla Herreria
Ernie really loves his patito! 🎶 🐥
“Despacito” has finally arrived at the place where the air is sweet. On Monday 21 August, “Sesame Street” posted a parody
Zeerak, a 4-year-old boy muppet, fights for gender equality and girls’ education.
If you thought the guy who played Barney was a down-on-his-luck actor who took the role just to pay his rent, think again
Julia will only show a couple of dimensions of autism, just as The A Word did. It's impossible for one character to show all aspects of autism but with more exposure it will be possible to show how autistic people can be very different.
Why Sesame Street's new character with autism is so important
’Sesame Street’ has welcomed its first character with autism. The children’s TV show will introduce Julia, a character with
In this clip from 2005, when "The Apprentice" was arguably at its height, "Sesame Street" created a parody of garbage mogul