14/11/2016 11:13 GMT

Sir Elton John Says Brexit Has Led To 'Hatred' And 'Meanness' In Britain

'Suddenly all this hatred has come to the surface.'

Sir Elton John has said that recent events in Britain, specifically the EU referendum, have caused him to have a change of heart about the country.

The ‘Rocket Man’ singer was recently interviewed by The Observer about his new photography collection, when the conversation turned to Brexit and, as he put it himself, “the meanness in this country that has surfaced” since.

He explained: You know, I don’t like it here at the moment, to be honest. I don’t like the hatred here. It’s like David said recently, it’s like a boil has been lanced that was there for a long time and suddenly all this hatred has come to the surface.”

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Elton John

People have been OK about gay marriage and things like that and suddenly they’re not,” he continued, “I have never, ever thought this of this country until now.

“I was always proud to come from here and to live here, because there are different opposing views about everything but it’s a pretty civilised place. At the moment, though, it’s not, and I don’t like it. It’s horrible.”

Sir Elton had previously tried to encourage people to vote to remain in the EU prior to the referendum, saying on Instagram that we should be “building bridges not walls”.

I'm voting to remain. #StrongerInEurope

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He also offered his views on the current situation in the US, comparing waiting for the results of the American election to “waiting to see if you’ve got cancer or not”.

Sir Elton lamented: “Trump is the only person I have ever known who can tell out-and-out lies and people just don’t seem to care. ‘I survived an assassination attempt.’ No you fucking didn’t.

“He tweeted it and his son tweeted it and it’s just lies. It’s like the world’s gone mad.”

The always-opinionated star is never one to shy away from giving his opinion on current affairs, previously speaking out about the treatment of LGBT people in Russia, and even having a discussion about the matter with President Vladimir Putin.

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