Elton John Visits Tower Records In Exclusive Clip From 'All Things Must Pass'

'All Things Must Pass' follows the extraordinary rise and fall of the record shop.

Long before his love for flowers came to light, it appears Elton John had an insatiable love of buying records by the dozen, judging by footage from a new documentary about Tower Records.

Our exclusive clip above reveals the star in full flight in the famous record shop - a place he reportedly visited every week in the 1970s, always armed with a long wish list of new tunes he was after. After some tireless browsing, he invariably left furnished with a stack-load of new vinyl to enjoy.

Sir Elton is just one of the star contributors to 'All Things Must Pass - The Rise and Fall of Tower Records', a documentary following the story of the legendary mecca for music-lovers.

In his directorial debut, Colin Hanks explores how the world-famous brand could make $1billion in 1999, and file for bankruptcy just seven years later. As well as Elton, he speaks to Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen, who explains how the record store was a second home to him. Bruce says in the film, "Everybody in a record store is a little bit your friend for 20 minutes or so."

'All Things Must Pass' will be released on DVD from 6 May, and digital download from 9 May 2016.

Tap the first picture to open the slideshow below:

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