9 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Parents Are On Facebook

And you thought you were a prolific stalker.

Facebook used to be the platform for posting drunk photographs, stalking your ex-boyfriend and sharing cat videos.

But these days, you’re having to keep it on stricter lockdown than your LinkedIn page, because your parents have joined Facebook.

Here are 9 things you can only relate to if your parents are on social media.

1. The endless questions.

2. The inappropriate public comments.


3. The extreme overshare.


4. The confusion over how this whole thing works.


5. The fear when someone tags you in a photo from last night.

6. The subsequent awkward dinner chat about said photo.

7. Them stalking everyone you went to school with.

8. Their refusal to unfriend your ex-boyfriend.

9. The realisation that they have more Facebook friends than you now.

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