16/04/2016 08:31 BST

‘Emmerdale’: Gordon’s Trial Ends In Guilty Verdict, Delighting Viewers

What's next for Aaron Livesy?

After a tense trial week, ‘Emmerdale’ fans breathed a sigh of relief on Friday (15 April), when a guilty verdict was delivered to Gordon Livesy.

The trial has seen a number of emotional testimonies and tense moments, but the episode saw Aaron’s dad convicted on all counts of abuse.

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It's been an emotional week for 'Emmerdale' fans

As the Dingle family breathed a sigh of relief, viewers did too, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts:

Prior to the episode’s air date, actor Danny Miller hinted at how his character would feel when the trial came to an end.

He told Huffington Post UK: “Whatever the verdict is he wants to move on, because he has dealt with it for so many years.

“So long as Gordon isn’t around him he can deal with it again. He’s embarrassed enough by it all so he wants it over with. He hates the attention.”

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