‘Emmerdale’: Pete And Moira Barton Reveal Labelled 'Incest' By Stunned Viewers

Oh, Moira.

‘Emmerdale’ viewers were delivered a pre-Christmas twist on Thursday (22 December) night, when it was revealed that Moira and Pete Barton have actually slept together.

Yes, we mean Moira and her nephew Pete.

We all saw them share smooch earlier this week - which was, quite frankly, a lot to take in - but Thursday’s show saw Moira admit that their frisson didn’t end there.

<strong>We're a bit worried about what will happen if Emma finds out </strong>
We're a bit worried about what will happen if Emma finds out
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As the pair are not blood-related, it isn’t *technically* incest, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from using the word (and being suitably stunned)...

The drama didn’t end there though, as a drunk Moira then got behind the wheel of a van and hit Pete with it, when he jumped in front to save Jacob.

It’s been a week for the soap, which received heaps of praise on Tuesday (20 December) after an episode focussed on Ashley Thomas.

The one-off special saw everything shown from the former vicar’s perspectives, giving viewers a unique look at what it’s like suffering from dementia.

His storyline - and this one - will continue to develop over Christmas, find out what else will be going on in the Dales here.

Moira and Adam Barton (Emmerdale)

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